As a prominent agro-manufacturer based in Bangladesh, our expertise lies in crafting superior agricultural commodities, including rice, snacks, spices, and a diverse range of other products. We take pride in cultivating our offerings through sustainable and eco-conscious practices, guaranteeing their exceptional quality and safety for consumption.

We initiated our inaugural export venture in Malaysia through our local partner, Moittry Infinity Sdn. Bhd. Our unwavering dedication revolves around delivering top-tier agro-food products characterized by safety, nutritional value, ethical production, and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, we have diversified our production to encompass a wide array of food items, all upheld by stringent ethical standards, and we export these to the United Arab Emirates to cater to diverse customer requirements.

Our export operations are meticulously managed, ensuring the pristine condition of our products upon arrival, ready for distribution across retail channels and end consumers.

At our organization, we are committed to offering our customers unparalleled service and the finest quality products. We maintain close partnerships with our suppliers and collaborators, ensuring a consistent supply of the freshest, most delectable products available.

We Believe In Quality

    1. Our company is renowned for producing top-tier agricultural products like rice, tea, spices, and fruits through sustainable, eco-friendly methods, highly sought after by customers in both Malaysia and the UAE.
    2. We excel in offering competitive pricing for our products, making them exceptionally appealing to the export market.
    3. Through cultivating robust partnerships with both suppliers and customers, our company guarantees a dependable and consistent supply of superior-quality goods to the market.
    4. Our unwavering dedication to ethical business practices, including fair treatment of employees, strict compliance with regulations, and a steadfast commitment to avoiding unethical or illegal behavior fosters trust and enhances our reputation with both customers and partners.
    5. Nurturing an environment of innovation and creativity is deeply ingrained in our company culture, propelling our growth and development, and enabling us to continually enhance our products and services to meet the ever-evolving demands of the market.
    6. Our company possesses a profound business acumen, enabling us to make well-informed decisions that not only benefit our business but also contribute to its sustained growth and prosperity over time.

Our Exporting Partner

Moittry Infinity Sdn. Bhd.

Address: Lot 2770-C, Jalan Industri 12, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-6150 1445

Alsila Foods LLC

Address: Warehouse 4, Compound 3, Ajman Industrial 1, Ajman, UAE.
Phone: +971 50 990 9594